A tribute to Cher

I spent my Friday night in watching Clueless on Netflix. It’s been over 20 years since it came out (jeez, does that make you feel old or what?) but all I want to right now is to dress exactly like rich kids did in Beverly Hills 1995. Here’s my tribute to Cher and her bomb outfits.

My absolute favorite of all looks – this perfectly layered outfit with this amazing sheer ruffled shirt and silver backpack with matching silver shoes


I also love everything about this look – the velvet dress in the perfect pinkish red, the hair, the makeup (!)


This unicorn inspired fluffy pen is everything


Soft white cardigan with matching top and scrunchie


Checkered coat with faux fur details matched with a yellow satin t-shirt and black vinyl backpack


Leather skirt with sheer white feminine blouse (actually one of my favorite outfits, but it is only worn briefly)


The iconic yellow plaid suit with matching cardigan and faux fur backpack (!)


Plaid aerobics leotard with the amazing back detail!!!


Lounge at home outfit with the perfect pink tank top 


Dionne’s leopard coat and pink shirt-combo


And lastly, I also love Tai’s look here, very 90’s, very cute


It’s funny how now, looking back, the 90’s fashion seems so desirable. Living through it wasn’t. I honestly only remember wearing hideous clothes (I was neither rich nor living in Beverly Hills, though). My favorite piece of clothing was a Winnie the Pooh hoodie from Disney Store. Would Cher wear that? Probably not.


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