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The Canteen

Last summer we visited Provincetown, MA. We took the morning ferry from Boston and spent the day in this cute little town. Art, unique shops and touristy places all gathered on one long street, alongside a very beautiful beach (rumour has it there are even better beaches nearby – we didn’t have enough time to check these out unfortunately).

As animal lovers, we had come across something on Google called the Bark Park which we obviously had to explore. What a let down. First of all it was impossible to find. Secondly, it was, literally, just a park for people to walk their dogs in. I’m not sure what I had expected (a field with hundreds of dogs running loose, maybe? Can’t a girl dream?) but anyway, unless you have a dog, don’t go there.

For food, we stopped by The Canteen. It was a beautiful day to sit outside!


I believe that is sangria in my glass. My memory has faded slightly.


We ordered crispy brussel sprouts in fish sauce for our starter/side. 10/10, would definitely recommend!


I had the cod banh-mi which was good. I’m not sure it would go down to history as one of the best banh-mis I’ve had, but it certainly did the trick.


My bf ordered the shrimp sliders, which were average at best. Nothing about these stood out. Avoid.


All in all, a good place to rest your legs if you’ve spent a hot afternoon walking up and down the streets of Provincetown. The outside back borders the beach and there is a ping pong table available for those of you with an athletic talent, something I was born without.


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