Thrift store finds

Favorite things thrifted, pt 1

Thrift store hunting is one of my favorite things to do (it may even be closer to an obsession). I’ve bought many things over the years – some things good, some things horrible. I love it because it makes it possible to find unique items that no one else will have, but it’s also a concious choice. And cheap!!! Did I mention cheap? If you are willing to give it some time, there are some real good deals in it for you.

Anyway, I’ve listed some of my favorite finds below for inspiration for those of you who are slightly reluctant to buying old and used items.


There are several reasons to why you should consider buying used jeans. First of all, it’s a pretty sweet choice if you care for the health of our earth (and why shouldn’t you?). The production of denim has a huge impact on the environment, mainly, but not limited to, due to the large amount of water used in the process. All boring details aside – buying vintage jeans is both fun and cheap!

These vintage 501’s are probably the best thing I’ve ever found in a thrift shop. They were $5 (!!!) and they fit peeeerfect. If you are looking for vintage 501’s you should be aware of the difference in sizing from today’s measurements. I am usually a size 24-25 due to my petite nature, and these are a 28. People must’ve been really tiny back in the days.

(By the way, the rug in the background is also thrifted)


Let’s face it, most accessories were more fun back in the days, including the ones for your hair. Here we have several eras of hair accessories in one picture. The top one is my latest find actually – I got it for 25 cents at my local thrift shop. The middle one is my favorite by far. I feel so fancy wearing it! The bottom one is a made of leopard velvet, which must be the best combination of things ever.


Although I’m not big on purses, I just couldn’t say no to this beauty. I found it at Goodwill for $5. It had the tags left and everything! It’s made of beautiful green suede which looks great with that classic golden chain. I don’t wear it on a daily basis, but it makes my outfit look a million times better when I do.